DAD - Testimonials


“I definitely made the right choice taking the DAD program………Seneca College's DAD program really opened doors for me! It gave us the chance to brush up on our programming skills using technology and techniques that are very current and used in the industry today. …… The professors, many of whom work or have worked in the industry themselves, are very knowledgeable and want you to succeed. I felt they prepared us extremely well and left me with a solid foundation to enter and succeed in the IT industry. It may feel like putting your life on hold at first but if you're willing to put in the hard work necessary for 8 months, you'll definitely not regret the time and money invested!”

Jordan H.
Technical Systems Analyst
Royal Bank of Canada


………all courses in the DAD program are very practical, exposing me to a variety of popular tools in database application development. The instructors are knowledgeable with professional background………, assignments and projects are very well designed to make the learning experience efficient and rewarding………Co-op program has an excellent reputation of student placement in different well known companies. I am fortunate to work as a database developer in CIBC middle office finance team. My tasks involve development and testing in various database applications……..”

Ben C.

CIBC Finance Team


"The DAD program at Seneca is an excellent program which covers a variety of software development and database tools which gave me a wide understanding of different information technologies.  In the DAD program, you experience first hand how different areas of IT tie into the software development life cycle.  The skills I gained were practical in nature, which enabled me to feel comfortable with several different programming languages, database systems, and software tools...... I graduated confident in my ability to become a productive IT team member.  I couldn't be happier with the outcome, as a Jr. Business Intelligence Consultant."

Stephen Holub Jr. Consultant SQL Power Group


………DAD program gave me the practical experience with latest software used in building Database Applications……The program covers exactly what is required in the workplace. This helped me with an easy transition into the work place. DAD co-op program is an excellent program to help me enter a competitive job market within a short time span with very little investment.”

Sandeep Ghotra
Test Analyst, CIBC

………one of the things I really liked about the DAD program was that you learn to work well in groups, learn responsibility and learn about problem solving strategies on a multi-platform environment…….”

Wije R. Kamudiyanse
Programmer Analyst
Canadian Tire

“The DAD program helped in my overall development, both professionally and personally. I liked the teachers as they are knowledgeable and helpful. The emphasis is on the practical training…..”

Mohsin Bhat
Application Developer, CIBC

“…….I liked the project driven assignments given to us…….”

Yongshen Du
Technical Support & Database Management
Royal Bank of Canada

“……….DAD program helped me most with a combination of database knowledge and programming skills………………”

Xiaohui Xu
Java Developer
Research In Motion

“Through the DAD program, I had gathered necessary knowledge and experience to enter the IT industry, which is hard because the industry is changing very fast. This is especially true for international students like me……………..Seneca has also been very enthusiastic in helping me gain valuable work experience.”

Hugh Bui (CIBC)