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*WTP100 is replacing CPP100. Course outlines for WTP100 will be available after the transition has finished. Please reference the CPP100 outline if needed


Semester 1 Subject Name   Hrs/Wk
DES720 Relational Database Design and Implementation - 6
JAV745 Java Programming - 4
OPS705 Introduction to Cloud Computing - 4
SQL710 Database Administration Using SQL Server - 4
WEB700 Web Programming - 4
Semester 2 Subject Name   Hrs/Wk
CJV805 Database Connectivity using JAVA - 4
CAP805 Applied Capstone Project - 4
DBW825 Data Warehousing - 4
SEC835 Security in Databases and Web Applications - 4
DBD800 Accessing Big Data - 3
WTP100 Work Term Preparation (Work-Integrated Learning option only) - 2
Optional Co-op Subject Name   Hrs/Wk
DAD441 Optional WIL Work Term