CPA - Professional Options

The following is a selection of professional options that you may take for the CPA Program.

Important Information

  • CPA students must obtain 7 professional option credits to graduate.
  • Each term, we will offer a selection of professional options from the list below.
Course Code Course Name
BAC344 Business Applications Using COBOL
CVI620 Computer Vision 
DBA625 Database Administration
DBD525 Advanced Database Design
DBL626 Oracle - Productivity Tools
DBS501 Stored Procedures Using Oracle's PL/SQL
DBT544 DB2
DBW624 Introduction to Data Warehousing
DOM545 Domino Designer and Lotus Notes
DSA555 Data Structures and Algorithms in C++
ECL500 Eclipse Development
GAM531 Game Engine Foundations
GAM532 Game Engine Techniques
GAM536 Game Content Creation
GAM537 Game Level Design
GUI546 Graphical User Interface (GUI) Programming
GPU610 Parallel Programming Fundamentals
GPU621 Parallel Algorithms and Programming Techniques
ISP606 iSeries Practicum
MAP523 Mobile App Development - iOS
MAP524 Mobile App Development - Android
MAP525 Mobile App Development for IBM i
OSD600 Open Source Development
OSD700 Open Source Development Project
PRO608 Multimedia Authoring
SPO600 Software Portability and Optimization
TEC702 Technician as an Entrepreneur
UNX511 UNIX Systems Programming
UNX510 UNIX Bash Shell Scripting
VBA544 Visual Basic
WEB524 Web Programming Using ASP.NET
SDR520 Software Design for Robotics Applications
MAP526 MAP526