School of Software Design and Data Science

Please note that SDDS and ITAS faculty members usually share the same faculty room which is A3058.


Name (L,F) Responsibility Office Number
Finlay, Ron Faculty A4038
Fung, Robert Faculty A4037
Gabor, Itamar Faculty A4022
Gamage, Gayan Faculty S3010
Garza, Julio Faculty T2100
Ghoulbeigi, Elmira Faculty A4038
Gray, Brian Faculty T2092
Gray, Cameron Faculty T2102
Grimmond, Yvette Faculty A4027
Grover, Daminni Faculty T2091
Gurwitz, Marc Faculty T2097
Hand, Larry Faculty A4020
Harshaw, Robert Faculty A4030
Heidenreich, Michael Faculty A4019
Hu, Ryan Faculty T2092