School of Software Design and Data Science

Please note that SDDS and ITAS faculty members usually share the same faculty room which is A3058.


Name (L,F) Responsibility Office Number
Apted, Scott Faculty T2092
Austin, Anthony Faculty T2094
Barna, Cornel Faculty T2090
Baxter, Lew Faculty T2097
BenJemaa, Lamia Faculty A4019
Bernardo, Roderick Faculty S3010
Blair, John Greg Faculty T2105
Bodourian, Arthur Faculty T2100
Bryan, Wayne Faculty A4018
Buchner, Mark Faculty T2100
Burton, Eden Faculty T2094
Callaghan, Peter Faculty T1035
Caneff, Stephan Faculty T2091
Chan, Raymond Faculty T2093
Chhabra, Tamanna Faculty T2091