School of Software Design and Data Science

Please note that SDDS and ITAS faculty members usually share the same faculty room which is A3058.


Name (L,F) Responsibility Office Number
George, Diana Main Office Reception General Information and Program Inquiries T2074
Majzoub, Hadi Technologist, Maintenance of ICT Labs - Newnham campus A4039
Panesar, Daman Faculty and Administrative Support T2074
Wilson, Stephen Scheduling, Technology Programs - Newnham campus A4006


Name (L,F) Responsibility Office Number
Abraham, Suzanne Academic Program Manager, School of ICT T2080
Bhattacharya, Ranjan Dean, Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering Technology S2138/NH-A
Manton, Mary Lynn Chair, School of Information and Communications Technology T2083
Weaver, Evan Co-Chair, School of Information and Communications Technology A4005


Name (L,F) Responsibility Office Number
Abesdris, Danny Faculty T2101
Abshez, Gerald Faculty T2101
Al-Ansari, Kifah Faculty S3010
Al-Janabi, Samir Faculty S3010
Alam, Tanvir Faculty T2100
Anastasiade, Jordan Faculty T1034
Apenteng, Tevin Faculty S3010