School of Software Development and Data Science

Please note that SDDS and ITAS faculty members usually share the same faculty room which is A3058.


Name (L,F) Responsibility Office Number
Finlay, David Student Co-ordinator - Newnham campus A4024
Heim, Hans Academic Advisor T2077
Kubba, Nagham Program Coordinator - CNS, CTY T2078
Laurin, Cindy Program Coordinator - PMC, DAD T2085
Lonergan, Krista Co-op Co-ordinator - Seneca@York T2084
McIntyre, Peter Program Coordinator - BSD T2081
Norman, Adam English and Liberal Studies Co-ordinator S2097
Paracha, Asma Program Coordinator - IFS T2082
Piergeti, Elizabeth Coop Program Coordinator - CTYC, IFS, PMCC T2086
Samuel-DeRoché, Diana Student Advisor - Newnham campus A4046
Tesanovic, Goran Industry Liaison Co-ordinator - Newnham campus A4045
Tipson, Ian Program Coordinator - CPD, CPA T2079
Turner, Roderick Curriculum Co-ordinator - Newnham campus A4047


Name (L,F) Responsibility Office Number
Baker, Brenda Student Advisor - Information and Communications Technology programs T2076
Bradley, Rose Secretary - Faculty/Administrative Support, Reception, General Information - Newnham campus A4000