DSA - Curriculum

Curriculum plan


    Four-year program curriculum

    As you progress through the curriculum, you learn foundation skills and concepts in a wide range of topic areas, and then build on them through further detailed study. All courses are one semester in length. The Software Development curriculum is planned and structured, with over 30 core/required courses, and the options/electives are distributed throughout the four years.



    First year:

    Level 1 Course Name  
    BDA100 Introduction to Data Science -
    BDM100 Discrete Mathematics -
    BDM150 Statistical Methods for Data Science -
    BDP100 Introduction to Programming -
    ENG106 Writing Strategies -
    Level 2 Course Name  
    BDA200 Security, Privacy and Ethics in Data Science  
    BDD200 Structured Database Design  
    BDM200 Mathematical Methods for Data Science  
    BDP200 Programming for Data Science -
    LSO440 20th Century Globalization -


    Second year:

    Level 3 Course Name  
    BDA300 Data Preparation  
    BDA350 Introduction to Algorithms and Analyzing Data  
    BDD300 Advanced Database Design  
    BDM300 Data Mining  
    LSOXXX Liberal Studies Option -
    Level 4 Course Name  
    BDA420 High Performance Computing -
    BDA450 Simulation and Modelling -
    BDB400 Business Intelligence I -
    BDM400 Introduction to Data Visualization -
    LSP400 Presentation Skills -


    Third year:

    Level 5 Course Name  
    BDA500 Machine Learning -
    BDB500 Strategic Analysis and Evidence Based Decision-Making -
    BDM500 Predictive Analytics -
    BDM550 Text Mining -
    LSOXXX Liberal Studies Option -


    Level 6 Course Name  
    BDA600 Social Media Analytics -
    BDB600 Business Intelligence II - Case Analysis -
    BDB650 Project Management -
    BDM600 Advanced Data Visualization -
    WTP200 Work Integrated Learning - pre work term preparation  
    LSOXXX Liberal Studies Option -
    Work Term Course Name  
    DSA771 Data Science Analytics, Co-op -

    Fourth year:

    Level 7 - Fall Course Name  
    BDA700 Health Analytics -
    BDB700 Risk Management -
    BCD700 Research Methods -
    LSOXXX Liberal Studies Option -
    PROXXX Professional Option -
    Level 8 Course Name  
    BDA800 Business Analytics -
    BDA850 Technology Planning and Acquisition -
    BDC800 Capstone Project -
    LSOXXX Liberal Studies Option -
    PROXXX Professional Option -